The Cruise: Diary of a Dominant Divorcee, Episode 1

UPDATE: Revised edition now available.

“As always, Lucy, it difficult to thank you enough for your kindness.”

“Think nothing of it”, she said, pressing a bell at a side. Within moments, it seemed, a slave was coming through the door of her sitting room, bowing low. He was stark naked, of course — all Lucy’s slaves are kept completely nude. Tall, lean, the usual thick iron tube encasing his penis, with a heavy padlock dangling from it. No wanking
for him! “A drink, Pauline?”

“A long Bourbon with ice, thank you.”

“Me too.” A snap of her fingers and the slave was away. I noticed a dozen or so fresh red weals across his rump. Nothing unusual about that at Ms Lucy’s, of course! He came back in a jiffy, our drinks on a salver. He served us, bowed low again, then scurried away at a wave of Lucy’s hand. Yes, I reflected, it is simply essential to have slaves around one, wherever one goes.


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