The Chateau: Diary of a Dominant Divorcee, Episode 2

UPDATE: Revised edition now available.


Chloe laughed out loud as she saw Timothy rise stiffly out of the boot and stagger upright. She nodded approvingly as she saw the chastity restraint and the marks on his rump.

“Madame Elcox told us you were just a beginner, but I see you have gained much experience in a short time!”

“Why thank you!” I replied, giving her a winning smile. Then, I turned to Timothy and my face hardened.

“Bring in my trunks, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress”. He scuttled off to do my bidding. Those trunks were heavy for one man to handle, but he’d manage it somehow.

“When he’s finished, take him down to a cell, please Chloe. I imagine the Comtesse has a dungeon here?”

“She certainly has”, smiled the girl.

“Feed him whatever you give slaves here, then chain him up.”

“Certainly, Ms Hammond. Has he behaved himself en route?”

“Reasonably. Why?”

“I thought you might like me to give him a taste of my crop”, she said. A very keen girl, I realised at once.

“I don’t think that will be necessary. Thank you all the same, my dear.”

It seemed I was already getting rather proprietary with Timothy!


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