The Long Weekend, Part One

UPDATE: Both parts one and two now available in one book

Two very dominant ladies invite a third female for a bank-holiday weekend in a very special house — a house staffed by naked male slaves! Fun and freedom for the females; pain and degradation for the males!

When she felt dry enough, Julie shrugged the towel away. “Go and get the martinet”, she barked. Ben shrivelled inside, knowing instantly what she intended. The martinet was a kind of small whip composed of six ‘boot-lace’ leather thongs… an instrument most commonly used on an involuntary erection.He went and fetched it from the cupboard where it was kept, along with a great variety of other corrective instruments. Returning to the bathroom, he knelt and proffered the martinet to Julie on his upturned palms. It was the obligatory way of making such a presentation. Julie regarded him coldly. She stood, statuesque, nude. So desirable, yet you unattainable!

“Kneel erect! Hands on head! And keep them there!”Ben assumed the position, feeling a quivering in his stomach. This martinet hurt, but it hurt especially when it was laid on in that most sensitive area. Up swung the six ‘boot-laces’, then down they hissed.”Yyeeeeoooowwww!” the howl was torn from him. Oh the awful pain!”Lusting pig,” said Julie callously. The martinet swung, and lashed again. Ben bent, howling again, then forced himself straight again. “Keep straight!” Oh could he? Yet he did. He realised that, under such pain, he was already deflating.

That was something of a mercy. Again! Another howl. He almost went to his knees before forcing himself up again. He was heavily flaccid when Julie lashed down a fourth time. “Animal!” she spat. Then she tossed down the martinet, much to Ben’s relief. “Clean up this bathroom, then bring me a restrainer,” she ordered, striding out.

“Yes, Miss,” said Ben meekly, watching the swinging bounce of that big, bare bottom. Did these women know what bitter, bitter frustrations a man experienced in such a situation. Perhaps they did. And, doubtless, they enjoyed the knowledge. Despairingly, Ben began the task of cleaning. It would have to be done to perfection. Any slackness in that direction would earn one a thrashing.


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