Lucy’s Estate: Diary of a Dominant Divorcee, Episode 3

UPDATE: Revised edition now available.

We reached the cluster of buildings, and strolled out on to a long, wide patio which overlooked sweeping, rolling lawns, immaculately cut. It was a glorious day, already warming up. As we walked towards one of the tables in the shade, we passed two slaves, on hands and knees, scrubbing the large stone flags. These stones already looked clean as a whistle to me, but they were doing it all the same. One of them, I noticed, already
carried several nasty-looking welts across his rump. Probably his overseer had decided he hadn’t been putting his back sufficiently into his work!

No sooner had we sat down than a naked slave was at my side. Stark naked, apart from the cruel metal prison on his cock. I realised that I hadn’t seen a clothed male since my return to the estate. Lucy however dismissed him with a curt wave, saying “later”.

“Very good Ma’am”, he uttered meekly, and scurried off.

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