The Long Weekend, Part Two

Two very dominant ladies invite a third female for a bank-holiday weekend in a very special house — a house staffed by naked male slaves! Fun and freedom for the females; pain and degradation for the males!

The cane swung up and whistled down, cracking across the rump. Susan was not as tall and strong as either Kate or Julie but, even so, she made Bill jerk up with a loud gasp. But instantly he was back in position again. Susan found that most gratifying. The girls had him well trained! She laid on a second stroke, with similar result. If I liked, she thought, I could give him a dozen — or two. It really was a most delightful thought.

Unhurriedly, Susan laid on four more strokes, just about as hard as she could. She was amazed at Bill’s stoicism. He only jerked up, gasping, which it seemed was unavoidable, then went straight down again. How could he endure it? She was not aware that experience counts for a lot when it comes to withstanding pain. The thought came that it might be fun to tie him down to something; then he couldn’t even jerk up.

Finished with her assertion of power and control, she stood for a moment, savouring her triumph. The wretch remained in position, perhaps expecting more, despite her promise of half-a-dozen? “Get out!” she ordered, tossing down the cane. Bill stood erect, bowed low, then left the room with the cruel rod. There was not the slightest sign of resentment on his features at this grossly unfair treatment. Slaves were not permitted to show resentment. They had simply to accept whatever came their way without complaint.

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