Caught & Chastised


Caught & Chastised; A Cationary Tale is a femdom story featuring imprisonment, cfnm, chastity and lots and lots of corporal punishment!

The school janitor is in the habit of initiating the more wayward female pupils into the pleasures of the flesh. But when he gets caught “on the job”, he finds himself in deep water. He agrees to allow the lady teacher who caught him to punish him in her own way..

UPDATE: this story, originally stand-alone, is now the first part of a trilogy, “Cruel Summer”. Get the second part here: Chastised in Captivity.


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“This, Frank, is a Lochgelly tawse.”

She showed him the heavy leather strap.

“I am going to start by giving you twenty from it.  Across the backside. You will remain in position during that time.  If you do not, I will start all over again.  I don’t care.  I have plenty of time — it’s the holidays!”

Frank stared at her.  But he was in this deep, what else could he do now but go along? A few strokes on the arse from some bloody thing that used to be used on schoolboys, how hard could that be to take? And so much better than the alternative…  Slowly he bent over, and clasped his shins — he couldn’t make it to his ankles.  He felt bloody daft.

His feelings changed abruptly as the first stroke fell across his buttocks.


He cried aloud, and stood upright.  That really hurt!

“You’re getting that one again, Frank.  Now back down you go.”

He hesistated, and got a stroke across the thighs.


“That was for free, Frank.  Now over you go, and let’s get started properly, shall we?”

Reluctantly, Frank bent.



“That’s one, Frank.  Nineteen more to come.”

She paused.  Always a good idea to break rhythm, so they are never sure when exactly the next one is coming.  Then she brought her arm far back over her shoulder, paused a moment again, then brought the strap down on the quivering, waiting buttocks.



Then again.



And again.