Upstairs, Downstairs


My latest femdom story, Upstairs, Downstairs, is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Jacqui Parker is introduced to her old friend Isabel Watkins’s new lifestyle.  It seems that Ms Watkins’s divorce has unleashed the dormant tigress in her nature, with unfortunate results for the new men (plural) in her life! Jacqui learns all about it on a visit to her friend’s luxurious house, where the old “upstairs, downstairs” routine of yesteryear has been given a new twist…


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“I’m giving you a dozen slave,” announced Isabel as she took down the rod.

“Oh God! Please, no… No Mistress please!”

The man sank to his knees imploringly. How lovely to have a man begging! thought Jacqui. Isabel swished the cane. It was not particularly thick but it looked very whippy.

“Get up,” ordered Isabel, with cold menace in her voice. The man stood up at once, looking unsteady and quite terrified. “A dozen,” repeated Isabel. “Good and hard,” she added with an air of smug satisfaction. “I can’t abide sloppiness in a slave,” she continued. “Bend over. Touch your toes.”

The slave groaned and obeyed. Jacqui noticed his buttocks clench with dread as Isabel tapped them lightly with the tip of the cane. An inarticulate whine reached her ears — the wretched creature anticipating what was to come. Isabel’s teeth bared in a grin. Then she raised the cane and brought it lashing down. Instantly a twin-tracked weal leapt up from the bare flesh of her victim’s rump. The man leapt up, too, uttering a gasping howl and pressing his hands to the weal.

“Not very used to it, this one,” said Isabel, grinning over at Jacqui. “But he will get used to it,” she added significantly. Then, in quite another tone of voice, “Hands away! Bend over again!”


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