Ponies: Femdom Equestriennes

Ponies: Femdom Equestrienes. A domina has been staying as a guest at her friend’s estate– a very special estate, well-stocked with male slaves! She now encounters a very special sort of male slave kept by Lucy: male pony slaves! (Note: this book was previously part of “Diary of a Dominant Divorcee”, and is now a stand-alone story).


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Miranda Birch on Kobo.
I do not know how to link directly to particular books in my catalogue, so you will have to scan the list of all my stories once you get there. Shouldn’t be too hard, but sorry for the inconvenience anyway.
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iBooks, Tolino, Inktera

iBooks, Tolino, Inktera

“As I say, Ms Hammond, he’s inexperienced,” said the lass, “so don’t spare the whip. He’s at the stage where he needs plenty.”

Nodding, I reached for the whip with which the buggy was provided. The muscled figure before me flinched at the sound made as I slid the implement out of its tubular holder. Clearly he knew that sound all too well, and knew what invariably came after! The whip was the customary one used on these so-called ‘jaunts’, having a slim, bamboo handle and a four-foot length of cord. I noticed at its tip there was a brass ferrule instead of the more usual three small pieces of lead-shot, and the lass saw my interest in it.

“Nowadays” she said, “I use those tips when I’m training. Adds an extra sting.”

I could well imagine it would!

“Walk”, I commanded, easing off the reins a little, and we made our way out of the yard. Once we were through the gates and on to one of the sandy tracks which criss-crossed this part of the estate, I gave the order ‘trot’. At the same time I flicked the last few inches of the whip across his right buttock. The lass had advised me not to spare the whip, after all, and I felt it appropriate to impose my authority early. He gave a kind of yelping whinny (most appropriate for a ‘Pony’, I suppose!) and half stumbled. However, he quickly recovered and went into a steady pace, raising each thigh to the horizontal with each stride. That stumble seemed to me to be proof of this pony’s inexperience: one fully-trained would surely have been expecting to feel a touch of the whip at the outset, and could have absorbed it in silence and gone smoothly into his stride.

I kept him at the ‘trot’, well reined-in, for about ten minutes and was reasonably satisfied with his performance. His rhythm was not as smooth as it might have been, and there was occasionally the hint of a trip caught just in time, but nothing serious.

I ran my eye over him as he trotted along. He certainly was well-built: a broad back, rippling with muscles, slim haunches, sturdy, powerful-looking thighs. If one likes that sort of thing, I suppose he was what you could call a bit of a hunk. But as far as I was concerned then, he was just a male chattel to be used as I saw fit.

Towards the end of that ten minutes I noticed that his thighs were not always coming quite up to the horizontal. “Correct that stride, pony!” I yelled firmly and, at the same time, applied my whip left and right over his buttocks. This produced two more yelping-whinnies and a half stumble — but those thighs began to come up to proper height again. Control! It really is something quite delightful to exercise.

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