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My latest story of female domination is called “Perfectly Legal. How to Own Your Very Own Male Slave And Get Away With It”. The confessions of a mature BBW dominatrix. She tells how she enslaved a younger man — and got away with it! Read how she ruthlessly uses and exploits her naked captive! Lurid details of their life together as Mistress and slave! Gosh! That’s a bit “News of the World-y”, isn’t it! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Anyway, here is my guide to, as the subtitle says, owning your very own male slave — and getting away with it!


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Here is an extract:

With him at home all day — the job hunt had still borne no fruit — and me continuing with my busy life on campus — it was only natural to suggest that he help with the housework. Eventually he would be doing everything, but as ever the watchword was, festine lente — “make haste slowly.”
So, by now I had a live-in boy-friend, locked in chastity, taking care of the house while I was at work, more often than not delighting me with a well-cooked meal in the evening, and then spending the evening serving me naked before taking me to bed and making wonderful love to me. Now came the hardest part. The irrevocable transformation of this boyfriend into a permanently naked, permanently chaste slave.
I started by being feigning annoyance, being much more cross and grumpy than usual. There were evenings when I hardly said hello to him, and even denied myself the pleasure of sex. He even ended up sleeping on the couch once or twice. All this had the effect of making him very anxious to please me, and therefore more likely to go along with my next suggestion, which was simple: that he not wears clothes while in my house at all any more. that wasn’t too hard. It was summer, anyway. At this point, I took the precaution of moving his clothes to another wardrobe, and locking it. Best to be on the safe side!
I decided to have a small walk-in wardrobe converted into a “training room”. It is totally unfurnished, of course, and lit by a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The door is lockable from the outside, and the light switch is outside too. Not a very nice place to spend much time in, but I am afraid it was necessary for Mark to spend many hours in this stark little room. Let me tell you a bit more.
Although his tongue-work was already very good, I felt there was room for improvement, and so I introduced an hour a day in the training room into his already quite full schedule. Here he would spend the time, on his knees, hands on his head, legs wide, working non-stop on his tongue technique according to an elaborate series of exercises of my own devising. The light was left on for this, because the opposite wall was covered with nude photos of me in all my glory, particularly of my big bum, since bottom worship, as I may have said, is a particular favourite of mine. I wanted the link burned deep into his brain between those tongue movements and a certain very big bare bum, with its pale white cheeks and long dark cleft between them… well, I won’t go into details; use your imagination! I was able to keep an eye on him by installing a CCTV camera. If in glancing at the display in my office, which of course I did from time to time, I noticed, any slouching or change of position or any slackening in the movements of his tongue, and he simply got another hour. He soon learned that the best course was to be a good boy and get through the hour properly — or he might end up spending the night in there! This has resulted in a very strong and agile tongue with great powers of endurance
This training room also doubled as a punishment room, in which he could be left for varying periods of time. Far more effective than corporal punishment, especially since training was ongoing during the whole time of confinement.

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