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  1. Miranda,Miranda,Miranda. Why? I read all your stories (95% at least) because they are or can be,grounded in reality. They are written from the fertile mind of someone who lives it! However,why so chintzy with the pages? C’mon? 2.99 for 18 pages. Many of them are of similar length and price. I read them anyway and I hope you take a look at this situation.

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    • Thank you for your comment, John. You are not the first to say that my stories are too short! If it is any consolation, they have been getting longer on average! I have resolved to aim for 8,000 words in future, but I can’t promise that I will always get there. Sometimes they are just finished at a shorter length; at least, to me they seem to be. I have added an approximate word count to the “From the Inside Flap” section of all my book listings, so that prospective purchasers can see roughly how long a story is before they buy it.


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