Gynocracy Park


My latest E-book is called “Gynocracy Park. We Make the Femdom Future.”

“Somewhere in England, there is an amusement park… an amusement park entirely staffed by naked male slaves! An amusement park where the rides are human ponies! An amusement park strictly for the dominant female only! The heroine of this story pays this amusement park a visit for a day, and arranges for her cheating husband to pay a visit also. In his case, the visit will last rather longer…”

The eagle-eyed may spot references to a certain film. I am not holding my breath awaiting a film deal, but one never knows…!

Here are a comprehensive set of links for this book to the various Amazon
Kindle Stores. If your country isn’t on the list, use USA (plain vanilla

A brief excerpt from the story follows.

The slave arrived with their tea. There was a brief silence as he laid out the tea things, and poured. He made to leave, but Ms Hammond curtly ordered, “stay!”. Ellie noticed that the man adopted a posture of rigid attention and stood motionless, outside the shade of the sun-shade, in the hot sun.
“This one here,” Ms Hammond then continued, “was sent here by his Mistress after he refused to become her full-time personal slave. He was treating it all as a bit of a game, apparently. If I’d been her I’d simply have got myself another,” she looked the slave up and down contemptuously, then continued: “but apparently she is quite infatuated with him. Anyway, she was sure that six months as a pony-boy would make him positively eager for the comparatively easy life as her personal slave! She will be here next month, for a touching little ceremony in which he will beg on his knees to be enslaved, and then, after he has signed a few documents — testifying that he is doing this of his own free will, giving over control of his flat, car and bank accounts to her, that sort of thing — he will, no doubt to his considerable relief, at long last be leaving us. It has been a very long five months for him, if I am any judge!”
“So it’ll be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire?”
“I suppose in a way. But I am quite sure he will find life outside rather easier than here with us. He had just better hope his Owner doesn’t send him back for refresher training!”
Ellie saw clearly his eyes widen with fear at hearing that, before returning to their regular state: a look of blank despair which he directed into the middle distance.
Ms Hammond dismissed the slave then with a curt gesture.
They chatted away for a while on the verandah, enjoying their tea in the comparative cool of the sun-shade.
On the rolling lawns spreading out before the verandah, two wide grass-cutters were constantly at work, each one being pulled by two nude male slaves. They made a rather relaxing, summery sound — though Ellie got the distinct impression that that was not much appreciated by the slaves!


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