The Initiation


My latest E-book is “The Initiation. Domination in Darlington.” This is not very hard domination, but there is no doubt that the women are in charge nonetheless!

It may be the ’60s, but there is no Carnaby Street nor Abbey Road here, rather smoking factory chimney stacks and mill whistles in the early morning. “It’s grim up North” — but not all the time. The factory girls still find time to have some fun, especially with naïve young lads who don’t know quite what is going on…

A group of velvet dommes show that female domination can do without whips and chains!

These girls are big, bold, brazen and bossy, and always get what they want!

NB: my books are always available on Amazon and Smashwords; but, due to circumstances beyond my control (censorship), they are only likely to be available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and Tolino.


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