The Awakening


My latest story is “The Awakening. The Rousing of a Dominant BBW Tigress.” It is a femdom romance in which ‘prim and proper Primrose’, a shy BBW, meets a young man who draws her out of her shell. But he gets more than he bargained for! Primrose imposes a regime of traditional domestic discipline — and then some! Plenty of spanking, facesitting, and chastity!

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8 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. Ms. Birch;
    I hope you don’t mind if I pour my heart out to you. I’m sure it is not the first time someone has. I am a submissive male who,unfortunately,lives in the real world,not in a facilitory situation of a story. I tried once to let it out with disastrous results.So I relegated myself to reading about it. Stories,novels and letters which talked and described in my estimation, their true experiences. Many of the women Ms. Birch,were of the type you describe with revolutionary zeal; the larger,curvy woman.Think of the sense this makes! Everything about a BBW is bigger; her sex,sexuality,sex-appeal,sex drive and in many cases superior strength. All the right tools to dismantle a would- be submissive man and restructure him to her liking.
    I have always wanted (and dreamed of) that one-on-one, loving,lasting and full of relatedness relationship with the right woman. Unfortunately I live in the real world. Thanks Ms.Birch for giving me a taste of the reality I have always desired, but if truth be told, maybe a little afraid of.
    P.S. When Primrose told her male(not man) that she wanted him to take her to the bedroom I would have loved that she would have increased her dominance by making him get down on all fours and carry her into the bedroom apartment telling him what a lucky male (man) he was allowing him to carry her weight.

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    • Thank you for your comment, John. Dominant women do exist, but they are rare. Of course there is always a difference between fantasy and reality. And then, some men are better off staying in fantasy-land, I think!


  2. Mistress ,teacher
    I enjoyed your story and after being married for twenty years , My Queen (wife) has decided that i need to obey her every second., I am her wife as I do the cooking , shopping , cleaning and laundry. My wedding ring she now calls the obey ring. I am so lucky to be her devoted little boy as she calls me. Her nails are so strong as I wander they bring me right back to full attention to her. I am so happy with my Queen but being a male , sadly I often drift. That’s why the Queen being an artist and sensitive uses her nails to place me back on track. I am so lucky to have a queen to report to every day. Now I am learning to jump before she commands and to think every second how to please her. Naturally she enjoys being the Queen and has never been happier and I now see I need to follow her leadership. It makes me so fulfilled as i try to please.
    I just wanted to share how a normal marriage got better and better each year and more fulfilling for me as I submit to a wonderful queen and Boss of me.
    I try to put all internet ideas out of my mind and give full intensive concentration to her requests, wishes and desires so I am her little slave and wife every second.
    Its feels so natural for me and I am so lucky .
    But being a male means I need her training and discipline often and that makes me feel worthless.


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