Catherine’s Conquest; or, The Booby Trap


I am pleased to announce the publication of another femdom fantasy. “Catherine’s Conquest; or, The Booby Trap: The Ultimate Female-led Marriage”, tells the story of Catherine Marchmont, twenty years young, a slim, beautiful English girl, who has lured Robert Taylor, an American man in his mid-40s, exceedingly wealthy, but, despite his age, inexperienced with women, into her web. They are now engaged to be married. But Catherine Marchmont, while young and beautiful, is also a calculating, demanding bitch of a woman! For as long as she can remember, she has planned to marry a man whom she can control completely. And now, here he is! Since Robert is infatuated with her, he has always submitted to her whims and demands— believing that, once they were married, he would be able to assert himself more. How wrong this will prove to be!
This tale is over 11,000 words, which makes it my longest story to date.
An early version of the first part of this story previously appeared as “Catherine’s Campaign; or, The Booby Trap”, but if you are one of the rare people who bought that, this story is well worth buying too, since it is the whole thing from start to finish.


NB: my books are always available on Amazon and Smashwords; but, due to circumstances beyond my control (censorship), they are only likely to be available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and Tolino.


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