Revised Stories

My very first story for the Amazon Kindle was “The Cruise“, published on 8th April 2016. This was the first in a five-part series, being followed by “The Chateau“, “Lucy’s Estate“, “Ponies“, and “Revenge”.

Now that I am more experienced with how the Kindle Store works, I have decided to rework the lot.

“Diary of a Divorcée” is now a three-part series. The first part is what was originally the concluding episode, “Revenge”. This is now “Revenge: A Domina Triumphant”, and shows Pauline Hammond as she is now, a triumphant lifestyle BBW domina who owns a young male slave half her age. She then reminisces about the experiences that brought her there, and these form the second and third books in the series. The second, “The Cruise: A Domina in the Making”, is basically the old “Cruise” and “Chateau” joined together. The third, “The Estate: A Domina’s Progress”, is “Lucy’s Estate” and “Ponies” joined together. I hope that’s clear?

The old books, including the `bundle’ of all five called “Diary of a Dominant Divorcee” have been unpublished. If you have bought all of them, there is nothing new here for you — sorry!

I have left the original “Ponies” as a stand-alone story, which I will extensively rewrite at some point so that it no longer reflects its origins. In fact, in now forms part of a new series, “Mistress Lucy’s Estate”.

Anyway, if these books are new to you, I hope you enjoy reading some or all of them.