Found Out


In Found Out: A Discovery And Its Consequences, a mature BBW discovers her toy-boy lover’s stash of femdom porn, and, on the advice of a friend, decides that the only way to save their relationship is to introduce real female domination into it. This is a torrid tale of May and September, of romance and betrayal, of revenge and reconciliation. This story is on the romantic side of the spectrum, just: a milder Perfectly Legal, if you will. But there is still plenty of good femdom action!


NB: my books are always available on Amazon and Smashwords; but, due to circumstances beyond my control (censorship), they are only likely to be available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and Tolino.


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6 thoughts on “Found Out

  1. I understand your story is just fantasy, but to enhance his addiction or obsession. does not seem like a great idea. It is much different when someone realizes that they are submissive and socializes and dates in the lifestyle.


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