Husband Trainers Gone Wild!


Since the passing of the Bill “For the Prevention of Sexism and Male Loutishness”, thousands of men had been sentenced under the Act and sent to prison. The only way to avoid a prison sentence was to agree to undergo “retraining” (see Rigorous Retraining . The official government retraining centres were soon overwhelmed. And so, a host of private organisations sprang up to meet the demand for retraining services. Among them was Masters Marriage Services, which had for years provided a discrete service to women who wished to reform their errant husbands (see Husband Trainers ). Now, business had expanded ten-fold, and Miss Masters still specialised in turning out docile sex slaves.

Here are a comprehensive set of links for this book to the various Amazon Kindle Stores. If your country isn’t on the list, use USA (plain vanilla

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