Femdom Estate


The latest Miranda Birch femdom fantasy is Book V in the Mistress Lucy’s Estate series. Rebecca Blake, an old friend of Mistress Lucy from way back, pays a visit to the Estate. She is unaware of what goes on behind the walls of this place — but she soon learns the ropes! In no time, she has become used to being waited on hand and foot by naked male slaves, and is even driving male ponies! And so a new woman in initiated into Mistress Lucy’s femdom lifestyle!

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Marriage Guidance


“Marriage Guidance: Steering The Spouse Onto A Femdom Path” is my latest romantic femdom story. Femdom marriage guidance is the best marriage guidance! Husbands need a firm hand — especially newly-married young husbands! Read this story to find out how one hot young wife takes COMPLETE CONTROL of her husband using the “3 Cs”: Caning, chastity, cuckolding!


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More Rigorous Retraining


The terrifying new Britain introduced in Rigorous Retraining appears again in More Rigorous Retraining, a story set some months, perhaps a year or two, after the first. In an increasingly authoritarian UK ruled by Prime Minister Tessa March, a no-nonsense disciplinarian, it has been decided that what the country needs is good old-fashioned discipline. Rigorous retraining for anti-social sexists! Being unemployed and male is now a crime, punishable by retraining in special centres staffed by cruel sadistic females. As time has passed, the regime of the camps has become more rigorous. Trainees have become slaves in all but name, and their names replaced by numbers… Dystopia or utopia? I suppose it depends on your sex!

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“Borrowed: Slave On Loan” is the latest Miranda Birch femdom fantasy.

Having been acquired by a secret organisation and sold as a slave to a very dominant and demanding woman, Jack Hawkins is in no doubt that he has reached rock-bottom. But when his owner lends him for the weekend to a friend of hers, he learns that there are indignities even he has not yet experienced…

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Hard Labour


“You know, it all started while I was un-burdening my heart to my bestie Debbie about my recent difficulties at work. I had jokingly remarked to her that the ideal solution would be a version of the old chain gangs. A season or two away on “special training” on one of those would certainly whip Bill, my filthy sexist pig of a boss, into shape. We had a good laugh about it. I would have left it at that, of course: just a joke. But then she told me about “Mistress Lucy’s Estate”. I didn’t believe her at first. “Naked male slaves”? Seriously? In this day and age? You gotta be kidding me! But as she continued to explain, I realised that she was not putting me on. She was serious! So there really was such a place, which she had been to, and still was visiting from time to time? Wow! So we talked some more… And now? Now I have Bill’s job, and Bill has… but let’s let Miranda Birch begin at the beginning, and tell the whole story!”

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Best Sellers

As a counterpart to the “Your Favourite Story” poll, I thought you might like to see the ranking of my books by sales. As of today, Sunday 8th January 2017, the number one best seller is an older story from last May, Under the Female Yoke, closely followed in second place by one from last September, Domestic Service. As for the rest, well, see for youself:

  1. Under the Female Yoke
  2. Domestic Service
  3. The Soft Option
  4. Worse Than Prison
  5. Sold
  6. Slave Estate
  7. Perfectly Legal
  8. No Escape
  9. The Long Weekend
  10. Rigorous Retraining
  11. Upstairs, Downstairs
  12. Husband Trainers
  13. Gynocracy Park
  14. Mistress Karen’s Prisoner
  15. Femdom Abduction
  16. Catherine’s Conquest; or, the Booby Trap
  17. Tanya Hyde
  18. The Initiation
  19. The Awakening
  20. Mrs Roberts
  21. Serving Miss and Madame
  22. Caught & Chastised
  23. Under Lucy’s Lash
  24. Revenge
  25. The New Girl
  26. Femdom Retribution
  27. White Collar Crime, Slave Collar Punishment
  28. Ponies
  29. On Loan
  30. The Cruise
  31. Femdom Crime and Punishment
  32. Caught Peeping
  33. Permanent Position
  34. Guidance On Training Your Male
  35. The Estate
  36. Found Out
  37. Diary of a Dominant Divorcée
  38. Husband Trainers Gone Wild!
  39. Trapped Toy Boys
  40. Taming The Donald

Your Favourite Themes

A big thanks to all of you who voted in my first poll, “Your Favourite Story“. If you haven’t voted yet, do so! I will be leaving it open, anyway.

Here is a new one, where you get to pick your favourite themes. This is multiple-choice, so you can vote for as many themes as you like. If your favourite theme isn’t listed you can vote ‘other’ and then type your favourite theme in yourself. As ever, comments welcome.

Deadlier than the Male


Is Deadlier Than the Male (1967) the best mainstream femdom movie ever? Oh, I think so! But what a downbeat ending! 😉

Don’t they just look as though butter would’t melt in their mouths?

Oh, but it does! And then some!

What’s your favourite mainstream (i.e. NOT porno!) movie with a femdom twist or theme? Let me know in the comments.