More Rigorous Retraining


The terrifying new Britain introduced in Rigorous Retraining appears again in More Rigorous Retraining, a story set some months, perhaps a year or two, after the first. In an increasingly authoritarian UK ruled by Prime Minister Tessa March, a no-nonsense disciplinarian, it has been decided that what the country needs is good old-fashioned discipline. Rigorous retraining for anti-social sexists! Being unemployed and male is now a crime, punishable by retraining in special centres staffed by cruel sadistic females. As time has passed, the regime of the camps has become more rigorous. Trainees have become slaves in all but name, and their names replaced by numbers… Dystopia or utopia? I suppose it depends on your sex!

Here is a comprehensive set of links for this book to the various Amazon Kindle Stores. If your country isn’t on the list, use USA (plain vanilla

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