Debbie And Jackie


Debbie and Jackie are two attractive young women who share a house. Catching a man stealing their knickers one night in the garden, they decide to punish him. After this, they discover they both have a taste for female domination. They cannot get enough of it. Male after male falls victim to their sadistic desires! In this book, you can follow the exploits of these dominant women in FIVE epsidoes of their adventures!

This is a “bundle” of THREE previously-released full-price stories: Femdom Abduction, Femdom Retribution, and Femdom Crime And Punishment. This book is specially-priced as a “buy two, get one FREE” deal!


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4 thoughts on “Debbie And Jackie

  1. Ms.Birch;
    This is an e-mail not to comment on your book (I will after I have read it) but on your book covers. I want to know where do you find these beautiful,healthy-looking, larger figured women,who are the ones that truly should grace the covers of fashion or other types of magazines,rather than their bag-of-bones sisters! They have enough sex-appeal to knock out an elephant! Women such as them have been more desired,revered and worshipped since I think, we were building fires in places where a tamed wolf guarded the entrance. The Masters through the millennia,I don’t recall, painted images of women who would belong on the cover of Cosmopolitan. I wonder why? I love your own instincts Ms.Birch.


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