Ruthless and Relentless

This book contains 3 previously-released stories for the price of 2. So it is BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!

Upstairs, Downstairs

Jacqui Parker is introduced to her old friend Isabel Watkins’s new lifestyle. It seems that Ms Watkins’s divorce has unleashed the dormant tigress in her nature, with unfortunate results for the new men (plural!) in her life! Jacqui learns all about it on a visit to her friend’s luxurious house, where the old “upstairs, downstairs” routine of yesteryear has been given a new twist…

On Loan

A Mistress lends her submissive to two friends while she goes away for the weekend. The girls have their usual fun and games with him. But the fun is all on their side. For their hapless male victim, it is all about pain and humiliation!

Guidance On Training Your Male

A dominant woman shares her ideas about the training of male submissives, be they husbands or boyfriends: what they should wear (not a lot), what they should do (pretty much all the housework, for a start), and how they should be treated (like the dogs they are!). A veritable cornucopia of femdom ideas! Men! DON’T give this to your wife or lady-friend — she might get notions!

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