Frocked and Locked

The latest Frilly Femdom Fantasy from Miranda Birch is “Frocked and Locked: Forced into Frillies”. For the man in this story, getting back together with an old girlfriend he still loves turns out to be possible. But only on her terms. This younger man is positively bewitched by this big, beautiful, older woman, and agrees to do whatever she asks. But he soon finds out that she does not want only a submissive lover, but also a sissy servant! A uniformed sissy maid! Once forced into frocks, he finds he cannot turn back from the journey towards total sissy servitude. Before long, locked in chastity, fully-uniformed in frock, apron, and wig, eyebrows plucked and lips painted, he is waiting hand and foot on Madame and her lady friends at a party held especially to show him off!

In this story I have tried to have the best of both worlds. As a solution for domestic strife, the heroine transforms a boyfriend into both an attentive lover and a submissive domestic servant. Both roles are kept seperate, and her subject is suitably attired (or unattired) for each role. I don’t know if it works or not, but I certainly enjoyed writing it!

“Tits, bits and bum, Polly!” And if you want to know what that’s all about, you will have to read the story!

UPDATE: A 2nd edition of this story has now been published: Frocked and Locked: Pushed into Petticoats.

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