Auntie’s Pet

Auntie’s Pet: Sissy in Servitude is the latest Frilly Femdom Fantasy from Miranda Birch.

Pansy lives with his Auntie. Pansy’s Auntie is a mature full-figured lady, what they call a BBW nowadays. He was supposed to be staying with her while he went to college, but that didn’t work out. The college bit, I mean; he still stays with Auntie. Life has not panned out quite the way this nineteen-year-old youth had imagined when younger — he didn’t imagine he would ever answer to `Pansy’, for a start! Auntie now has full control over the lad, and has successfully transformed him into a submissive, obedient, uniformed sissy-maid. He is at her beck and call round the clock. And it does not look as though that will change any time soon. Poor Pansy!

Update 28/5/19: 2nd edition of Auntie’s Pet.

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