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I originally wrote this for the newsletter, but I thought I might as well post it here too, along with some other points I have thought of since.

I have seen some comments in reviews on Amazon that my stories are too short. I disagree. Feel free to differ, of course, but that is my position. Let me explain.

I do concede that some of my very first stories were a bit on the short side; but I have come a long way since then, and most stories are now twice the length or more of those first few. In any case, I do not hold the view that the longer the story, the better. It can be; but it all depends. Sometimes a story is 5,000 words because that is how many words it takes to tell the story. If it takes more, then I give it more. For example, Frocked and Locked is 17,000 words no less, and I think it needs every one! But more words are only valuable if those words add something. I do not believe in padding. Someone once sent me a 70,000 word femdom novel to review, and I am sorry, your mileage may vary etc. etc. but I was just bored stiff! There is such a thing as too long!

So, unlike those of some authors, my books have no padding in the story; and there is no padding outside the story either. What I mean by that is, there is no big palaver about the author, their other books, etc. etc. before you get to the story; nor another big chunk of stuff tagged on after the story. With me, it is title, subtitle, series if any, author, the blurb (product description on Amazon), one sentence inviting you to subscribe to my newsletter, and then it is straight on to the story. Isn’t that the way it should be? Of course it is. But it does reduce the page count of the e-book.

I do not know about all sellers, but Amazon at least tell you how many pages is in the story. So, you know: if say 20 pages seems too short to you, don’t buy it!

Anyway, I hope that is all cleared up. I shall stop ranting now!

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  1. You are the author. I prefer a concise vivid tale over multiple references to heaving bosoms. No problem with this reader.

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