Top Ten

Here are the ten most popular Miranda Birch stories as of today, Sunday 4th June 2017. There have been some changes since the last time I did something like this. In particular, I see no less than three `frillies’, as I like to call them. Who knew so many of you boys wanted to dress up as maids and do housework! It’s a wonder any lady in the English-speaking world has to lift a finger!

The Number One has changed: Domestic Service is now far and away the most popular story I have written — I wish I knew why! Speaking for myself, Perfectly Legal was for long my favourite, but of late it has been knocked off my personal number one spot by Frocked and Locked. Well… takes all sorts, doesn’t it?! 😉

  1. Domestic Service
  2. Under the Female Yoke
  3. Maid To Serve
  4. Sold
  5. Prissy Polly Pansy
  6. The Soft Option
  7. Worse Than Prison
  8. Kidnapped
  9. No Escape
  10. Slave Estate