National Domestic Service

National Domestic Service: Serving the Superior Sex is the 4th installment in my Femdom Future /cite> series.

Although up in London nude males are already bought and sold and serve as slaves in all sorts of ways, including in public as beasts of burden pulling buggies for ladies, the rest of the country is not quite so advanced. Originally male servitude was intended only for criminals and work-shy layabouts; but the demand for male `servants’ (as they are still euphemistically called) has so exceeded the supply that the government has introduced “National Domestic Service”. Now, youths of eighteen must do a full year of in service to a householder — that is to say, a woman aged twenty-five or over. Of course, there are strict rules to prevent abuse; but where there’s a will, there’s a way, as many a hapless youth has already discovered! And now a `new boy’ is going to make that discovery for himself…


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