Caught In The Act

The latest Hard Femdom Fantasy from Miranda Birch is Caught In The Act: Femdom Boss Punishes.

Robert Manning has been caught shoplifting in a large department store. He is confronted with the evidence by the Chairwoman of the company, a Miss Celia Smithers. Facing ruin, he agrees to the conditions she lays down. That is, he will consent to be punished by her as an alternative to being punished by the Law. And he duly signs a consent form. Celia Smithers’ first move is to impress her new authority over Robert Manning by caning him in her office, assisted by her young blonde secretary Sophie. But this is only the beginning! He has signed up for SIX WEEKS of such corrective servitude!

This is the first part of a trilogy called Privately Punished, which deals with the trials and tribulations of the hapless Robert Manning at the hands of Miss Celia Smithers and her young lady assistants.


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