Bad Reviews

A Choice: Regular Prison or Femdom Captivity? recently received a review on A two-star review. Entitled “Good but very short”, here is the rest of this literary masterpiece in full:

I like the details but not much more then spanking in it. Read in about 20mins and im a slow reader

No, dahling, no! What you are is a slow wanker. If it is taking twenty minutes, you are either doing it wrong or you have a physical problem. To be on the safe side, seek medical advice!

As regular readers of my newsletter will know, I reguarly ask my readers to post reviews of stories they have read. And they do. Since I started doing this in April 2016, I have garnered good reviews, and bad reviews, and indifferent reviews. But almost anything, even a 1-star with cogent reasons would be better than the twaddle above.

By way of contrast, I have a German reader who reviews stories of mine, generally those he likes. He says what he likes, he says what he doesn’t like, he says what could have been better, and so on. And in better English than the miscreant above, to boot! So by all means review, and if you do not like the story, say so and rate accordingly. But put some effort in — because I did!

Oh, and finally: on the question of length of stories.

Just thought I should get that off my chest. As you were, men! 🙂

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