Husband Trainers Times Three

A reader got in touch with a story idea. Since the e-mail address he gave does not work, I hope he does not mind my quoting his words here.

Would you please find the following scenario worth writing:

- correction institute for betraying and masturbating men
- slaves undergo four week training by professional Mistresses. By using
sleep deprivation, strict discipline, sexual arousal, tattoos, hypnosis, panty
sniffing and licking exercises
- losing personal identity, will and learning to obey and serve and do house
chores and sexual services for mature BBW women
- final test before graduation and certificate
- slaves are given back, sold or loaned to their owners who start to keep

Well, I would find such a scenario worth writing. In fact, I have written it — three times! For anyone who finds this scenario exciting, Husband Trainers, Husband Trainers Gone Wild! and Training a Husband are just what the doctor ordered!

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