Captive, Chaste, Chastised

After his introduction to Miss Mills’ bizarre femdom way of life in Caught & Chastised, and his further use and abuse as her plaything in Chastised in Captivity, Frank Brigg’s ordeal seemed to be approaching its end at last as the long summer holiday drew to an close.

By now, his life with Miss Mills had become routine. The nights he spent locked in his tiny cell, always tightly secured in the chastity device, buttocks and thighs always throbbing painfully from the day’s beatings. He was always beaten at least once, his `daily dozen’ his strict owner called it. The days were spent toiling long and hard, and any failure to perform all of his domestic duties to her exacting standards earned more. How long of the Summer was left? Frank had lost track of time. And when the Summer was over — what then?


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