No More Tumblr

I have been unable to log in to my tumblr account for a while now. Heavens only knows what has happened. Since I cannot regain access to my tumblr account (tumblr help has been less than outstanding), I am abandoning my tumblr blog ( as of today. If you were enjoying it, sorry! If you weren’t, well then, no worries! Just thought I should let you all know.

Male Maid Manor

The latest Frilly Femdom Fantasy from Miranda Birch is Male Maid Manor: Dominant Women Rule Feminised She-men!

Two very dominant ladies invite a third female to spend the weekend with them at their house in the country. This country house is staffed by servants, just like in the good old days. But these servants are rather special — they are forcibly-feminised male maids! A weekend of fun ensues. Fun for the females, that is. For their sissified male victims, there is only hard, unceasing toil; humiliation; and of course punishment!



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