Triple Domination

The latest Miranda Birch femdom fantasy is called Triple Domination: Three Times A Domina. This is a bit of a hybrid, combining Hard and Frilly elements.

A wicked, teasing Mistress arouses without allowing relief. On the contrary, she likes a little CBT to add spice to things. Her slave’s sobs are music to her ears, her slave’s tears a delight to her eyes. And then she allows her slave to witness the act her can never, ever perform. Although, afterwards, he does have the privilege of being her clean-up boy. This is domestic tyranny at its most extreme: a dominant young wife exercising full femdom control over a captive husband, a human sex toy AND a sissy maid! She is “three times a domina”!

Corporal punishment, torture, humiliation, chastity, CFNM, CBT, tease and denial, cuckolding, sissification: it’s all here!


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