As readers of the mailing list will already know (so subscribe already!), I am now publishing my stories through Smashwords.

I had held off for a long time publishing on Smashwords, simply because of the sheer length of their style guide: it seemed so intimidating. But finally I took the plunge: and it was really easy! Most of my catalogue is up there already, and I will be uploading the rest as and when I get time until everything is there.

So — Click here for my Smashwords store!

3 thoughts on “Smashwords

    • Terribly late in replying, I know; but after six weeks or whatever, I am thinking OMG why didn’t I publish through smashwords ages ago? I love them too! Their “meatgrinder” has a terrible reputation, but it has never given me any trouble at all. And yes, their royalties percentage is very nice. Alas, I fear Mark Coker may be far too nice a chap to compete with Jeff Bezos; but I suppose we shall see…


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