The Husband Trainers

“The Husband Trainers: Marriage Makeover Femdom Style” is — you guessed it! — a collection of the three stories in the “Husband Trainers” series. This will be particularly popular with fans of BBW body worship.

Ladies, is your husband become a blessed nuisance? Send that mischief-making man in your life to us for a complete marriage make-over — satisfaction guaranteed! Because femdom marriage guidance is the BEST marriage guidance!

The big, beautiful, strict bitches of Miss Masters Marriage Services can tame and train even the most wayward of men. “Husband trainers for the dominant woman” is their motto. Body worship training is their speciality, with emphasis on the “three Bs”: Boobs, Belly and Bum. These BBW girls love their femdom work! And their hapless victims? Do they enjoy being trained? Perhaps not so much. But who cares about them? In their future lives as sex-toys for wives and girlfriends, only the women’s pleasure matters!


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    • Oh, I think you should. I have never met a husband who did not need training. What a shame Miss Masters is just someone I made up; there really OUGHT to be such a place!


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