Having typed up that long guide to my stories the other day, I feel I should say something about `bundles’. A bundle is where a number of previously-published stories are published together as one book.

What I do normally is to put three stories in a bundle, and then set the price at what two stories would cost, so it is buy two get one free.

Given both the size of my catalogue, and the fact that it is still growing, bundles are a way of saving some money for those of you who want to collect my stories.

I currently have ten bundles, and I realised there was no easy way to find them on my site. So now here they all are listed below.

Most of these are only available on Amazon for now. But I will be publishing the rest on the other platforms sooner or later. If there is one you particularly want, let me know and I will put my skates on!

UPDATE 5/9/19: some bundles unpublished, some bundles new; now 19 for sale on all platforms.