I thought I should write a few words about the actual process of publishing a new story. When a story is ready, this is what happens.

I submit the book to Amazon, where it will be subject to review before it goes `live’ and you can buy it. Meanwhile, I submit the book to Kobo and Smashwords. On Kobo it will also be subject to review. On Smashwords, it will be `live’ in their own store at once. I also use Smashwords to distribute to all the other on-line sellers (apart from Amazon and Kobo, of course). Again, there is a review process before Smashwords distributes to those.

The gist of it is, it takes time for the story to be available on all platforms.

Because the bulk of my sales are through Amazon, I have taken to posting about the new book as soon as it goes `live’ on Amazon. That might be before it is available on Kobo, Apple, B&N, etc. What I do is update the book’s page with links to the book on those various other stores as soon as they become available.

So, order of availability will normally be 1) Smashwords; 2) Amazon; 3) Kobo; 4) and then the rest of the pack: Apple and Barnes & Noble are the only ones I make sales on, though my books are quite widely distributed.

If you wish to buy a book from a store other than Amazon or Smashwords, then I suggest keeping an eye on that book’s page until I update it. At first, the page will say “not yet available”; in due course, this will change to either a buying link or, if the book was rejected by that platform’s review process, “not available.”

P.S. If you are buying from Apple or Barnes & Noble, you may find that some of my books disappear from those stores for a while over the next day or two. Do not worry; this is because I have decided to stop using the Draft2Digital (D2D) service for wider distribution, and use Smashwords for it instead. They will all be back on sale before long.

P.P.S. Oh, and on a closing note, may I wish you all a Happy Easter!