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Mistress Emma: A Domme Develops is the 11th installment in the Mistress Lucy’s Estate series.

I was pleased with the response to my new character, Mistress Lucy’s niece Emma, so I have written another story from her point of view. She is still on the Estate, writing e-mails to her friend Claire telling her all the news.

I had no idea young Emma would take off the way she has. And in so short a time!

In “A Domina Returns” she was initiated into the femdom lifestyle by her aunt’s friend Debbie, whom readers will know well as being the central figure of the whole series.

She then managed to wangled a trip to the States to visit her Auntie in “Celebrating Female Domination”.

And now her adventures continue in “Mistress Emma” — Because that is who she is now!


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