The Petticoat Plot

Cover of The Petticoat Plot

Madam Bracegirdle says: “you WILL be fully-uniformed for me, boy!”

Our new story this week is called The Petticoat Plot: Making a Male Maid. Yes, you guessed it — it’s another tale of forced feminisation.

A big, beautiful, mature lady persuades her young man to try ‘dressing’ for her, but is dissatisfied with the results. She enlists the help of the formidable Madam Bracegirdle. The lad is subject to six weeks of stringent training at the hands of Madam and her staff of domineering mature matrons. At the end of those six weeks, the lady takes possession of a fully-trained, fully-uniformed male maid. And she takes full advantage of her new situation as Mistress in her own house!

This story is rather unusual, in that I owe the character `Madam Bracegirdle’ to a wonderful artist called NimRod, who very kindly allowed me to use one of his pictures of the good lady herself as the cover for this book. NimRod specialises in very dominant, very cruel oriental ladies, but for “Madam Bracegirdle’s Salon” he took himself off to the North of England and back in time to the early 1960s. The results were stunning! See for yourself at his website:


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