The Sissy Maids

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The Sissy Maids: Femdom Feminisation
is a bundle of three previously-released Frilly Femdom Fantasies about the feminisation of weak-willed men by strong dominant women. Buy two get one FREE!

Maid To Serve

Miss Devereux is no stranger to feminising men. And now a new tenant in the flat upstairs looks just the sort to succumb to her womanly wiles. But will he? Miss Devereux first puts him to the test with a display of sexy lingerie — some of which he may soon be wearing! How long will it take for her to transform him into her full-time, uniformed maid-servant?

From Master to Maid

A strong-willed mature woman turns her young male employer into a uniformed maid-servant! When dressed in his frilly uniform (and he always will be!), he must call her Ma’am — and curtsey — and obey — and feel her leather strap across his bare bottom when he fails to live up to her very exacting standards!

Role Reversal

A shy, diffident young man marries a brash, outgoing older woman. From the first, he is passive and obedient, and yields as she pushes. He learns to please Madame in every way, in and out of bed. He becomes, in short — her wife! But she is still not satisfied — not until she has transformed him into her fully-uniformed feminised domestic servant!


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