Mistress Nina’s Petticoated Playthings

Cover of Mistress Nina's Petticoated Playthings

Mistress Nina’s Petticoated Playthings: Femdom Feminisation is a trilogy of stories centering around the formidable emasculatrix Mistress Nina — and her feminised, sissified, once-male playthings! In “Kidnapped”, we are introduced to Mistress Nina and accompany her as she captures, breaks and feminises an unfortunate fellow who falls into her clutches. In “Prissy Polly Pansy”, it is her advice and help which are instrumental in sealing another sissy’s fate. And in “Mistress Nina’s Party”, the Mistress and her friends gather together of an evening to show off their various slaves — including the two aforementioned petticoated playthings!


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