Naked Prisoners

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Naked Prisoners: Serving Time The Femdom Way

Two burglars are caught red-handed. At pistol-point, the young lady of the house offers them a simple choice. One: she can call the police. Two: they can agree to be privately punished — by her! The two dodgy geezers agree to let her punish them. They reckon they are getting off lightly. But almost the moment they make their fateful choice, they learn that serving time in this private prison will be anything but a cushy number! Stripped naked, locked in chastity, and subject to the lash of cane and whip, they realise too late that their chosen fate is — worse than prison!



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By the way, if you do buy from Amazon, you may notice that the Amazon version of this book has a different cover. That is because the original version, with the cover as above, got an ADULT flag, which is a big no-no on Amazon. Why? Because although an adult-flagged book is still available to buy, it is very hard to find e.g. it does not come up in search results unless the user explicitly asks for adult content. Why this happened I do not know — perhaps the lady’s skin-tight jodphurs were mistaken for bare flesh? Anyway, I changed it, just for Amazon!


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