Uniform Inspection

Cathy regarded with mocking curiosity the figure before her.
“Let’s have a look at this uniform then,” she sighed as though it were such a terrible chore. “Oh but those eyebrows!” she exclaimed. “Were they plucked this morning?”
She looked hard at the trembling male maid.
“Y-yes, Mistress,” he stammered nervously.
“Well they don’t look properly plucked to me. Make sure you pluck them *properly* tomorrow morning!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Hmmm, rouge is just about OK, but the lippy…” she shook her head, “… you have not done very well at all: nothing like that luscious, exaggerated cupid’s bow look I want. You need concentrate on getting that right in future, don’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Come closer then, let’s have a look under the frock.”
Petunia Pinkpanties minced a few steps closer and gathered his skirts high about his waist.
“no knickers again!” she remarked with a laugh. “What a slut you are, Pinkpanties! Mmm, fully shaven down there, I see; that’s something.”
Then she tugged at the thick, narrow tube of polished alloy in which Petunia’s flaccid penis was locked, and asked playfully, “I hope you haven’t been trying to get out of this, Petunia?”
“No, Mistress.”
She cupped his balls in one hand and gave a none-to-gentle squeeze.
“Yes, these do feel full to the brim. So if you have being trying, you can’t have been very successful!”
She laughed, the released his full and aching balls, and let his skimpy frock fall back to cover what it could.
“Right, that’s the end of uniform inspection.”
Petunia Pinkpanties bobbed a respectful curtesy and minced away.

And that is just one of many explicit scenes of sissy humiliation in Transformed, the third and final part of The Petticoating of Petunia Pinkpanties!