Learning to Obey

“I don’t want to keep secrets from my friends,” Jenny said firmly.

She was sitting in her favourite cane high-backed chair, out in her garden. It was a sunny day, and the birds were singing. In front of her stood Pete, standing stiffly at attention.

Jenny was in the middle of another one of her lectures.

“It’s high time you got used to other ladies seeing you, slave Pete. Because in future, whenever I have guests, you will be waiting on the company.”

Pete tried desperately to gather together what shreds of self-respect he still possessed. He was desperately confused. Life with Jenny seemed to get harder, not easier. The holiday was supposed to have cleared up her anger about his porn stash. Instead, she seemed to be crosser — and bossier — than ever.

“But please Jenny,” he pleaded, “you can’t let anyone see me like this. This is our private life.”

No, slave Pete!” Jenny shouted angrily. “This is our life, full stop! You are my slave — my property! I can do what the bloody hell I like with you! I make the rules — your only concern is to obey!”

She paused and glared at him.

“And now: fetch the cane, slave,” she ordered, emphasising each word.

Pete had no choice. He had nowhere to go, no money (the holiday had used up all his savings), and he wasn’t even sure where she had put his clothes — he had been kept naked since their return from holiday. So he brought her the thin, supple rod which he had come so to dread, dropped to his knees, and offered it on upturned palms. “Thank you”, she said superciliously, calmer now, taking the cane in one hand and swishing it through the air to and fro.

Twenty four vicious cuts later, laid on with all her strength, and a sobbing Pete knelt before her, thanking her for correcting him and promising to be an obedient slave in future.

She look down at him, feeling a twinge of pity. Still, it was all for the best. She helped him to kiss feet, kissed him, then whispered gently, “Now, put the cane back and then get the garden ready for afternoon drinks. My friend will be here soon.”

“Yes, Mistress Jenny” he said with a choked sob. He went and put the cane back on its hook in the kitchen, then began to prepare the garden for afternoon drinks. Jenny sat at her ease, watching him as he skivvied for her. This was the life!

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