Auntie Helga

I have seen these pictures here and there on the web, and have finally been able to assemble a few from the same sequence. No doubt there are many more out there somewhere. So: here is what I have, with my own captions for your delectation.


While her naked victim waits in the prescribed position, Auntie Helga gathers her equipment.


She thinks a taste of the birch first. And why not take the weight off her feet while she ties the bundle together?


Ready to start thrashing, she takes time out to savour her power. The boy waits, helpless, trembling.


Swish! Right across both buttocks, good and hard!


The birch is extra-painful on his `boy bits’. The first tears are flowing. How delightful!


Now that his bottom has been tenderised, it is cane time! We had better have him tied down for this.


Auntie Helga takes her time, measuring the buttocks with the rod to make sure she strikes with maximum effectiveness.


THWACK! — “Oooohhhh!”


She cannot resist having a good grope even as she continues the thrash her
young captive soundly.

And that is the last picture I have of this sequence. But something tells me
that this session went on and on and on…!