The Petticoating of Petunia Pinkpanties

Cover of The Petticoating of Petunia Pinkpanties

The latest Frilly Femdom Fantasy from the fertile penkeyboard of Miss Miranda Birch is The Petticoating of Petunia Pinkpanties: From Salesman To Sissy Maid.

This is a `bundle’ of the three stories “Knickered”, “Uniformed” and “Transformed”.

A salesman caught defrauding the firm by his young, attractive female boss is relieved when she offers to deal with his crime herself rather than calling in the police. But if he thinks he is getting off lightly, he is very much mistaken! He is taken off to her country home. There, wearing only a pair of her knickers, he is soon feeling the first lashes from the whip of this dominant beauty! And in the morning, he is presented with — a maid’s uniform! HIS uniform! His transformation into `Petunia Pinkpanties’ has begun! The humiliation continues, with brow-beating lectures and frequent whippings when he fails to meet the high standards his exacting new Mistress expects! And soon the miscreant finds himself transformed into a sissy maid in full uniform under the strict authority of Ms Palmer and her mature Housekeeper! And his position is a permanent one!


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