Young, Beautiful, Dominant

Cover of Young, Beautiful, Dominant

My latest HARD Femdom Fantasy is called Young, Beautiful, Dominant: The Making of Mistress Emma.

This collection contains three previously-published stories from the “Mistress Lucy’s Estate” series. Together, the stories chart young Emma’s journey from ‘inexperienced but curious’ to ‘whip-wielding, man-cowing dominatrix’!

A Domina Returns, Bearing Tidings of Domination

Debbie Parker, a long-term guest at Mistress Lucy’s Femdom Estate, returns to the UK for a brief visit — but not without a male slave in tow! After demonstrating her total control over her property to the fascinated young lady, she regales her young friend with tales of the unrelenting female domination that is life on Mistress Lucy’s Estate. Who knows? Perhaps young Emma will pay a visit herself sometime soon?

Celebrating Female Domination: A Femdom Initiation

Sure enough, Emma gets the chance to cross the Atlantic for the first time and visit Mistress Lucy’s establishment, which is in a remote part of the USA. This is her chance to experience the full range of this exciting new lifestyle. A keen rider already, she just loves the pony boys! She also likes having a ‘boy’ treble her age dancing attendance upon her as her personal servant! And there is lots more! She writes back now to a college friend, telling her all about her initiation into the full femdom lifestyle!

Mistress Emma: A Domme Develops

Emma is still on Mistress Lucy’s Estate, writing e-mails to her friend Claire telling her all the news. Young Emma is is making giant strides in the femdom lifestyle, and now fully deserves the title ‘Mistress’!


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