Mistress Lucy Rules Supreme

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In “Mistress Lucy Rules Supreme: Femdom 24/7”, no less than FIVE stories from the on-going Mistress Lucy’s Estate series are bundled together. All stories have been previously published separately, and are now bundled together here at a special value price.

The episodes included are:

4. Hard Labour

You know, it all started while I was un-burdening my heart to my bestie Debbie about my recent difficulties at work. I had jokingly remarked to her that the ideal solution would be a version of the old chain gangs. A season or two away on special training on one of those would certainly whip Bill, my filthy sexist pig of a boss, into shape. We had a good laugh about it. I would have left it at that, of course: just a joke. But then she told me about Mistress Lucy’s Estate. I didn’t believe her at first. Naked male slaves? Seriously? In this day and age? You gotta be kidding me! But as she continued to explain, I realised that she was not putting me on. She was serious! So there really was such a place, which she had been to, and still was visiting from time to time? Wow! So we talked some more… And now? Now I have Bill’s job, and Bill has… but let’s let Miranda Birch begin at the beginning, and tell the whole story!

5. Femdom Estate

Rebecca Blake, an old friend of Mistress Lucy from way back, pays a visit to the Estate. She is unaware of what goes on behind the walls of this place but she soon learns the ropes! In no time, she has become used to being waited on hand and foot by naked male slaves, and is even driving male ponies! And so a new woman in initiated into Mistress Lucy’s femdom lifestyle!

6. The New Pony

Rob a young happy-go-lucky college grad., had soon grown tired of Jill, the older woman he was dating. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t feel the same way. And, unknown to him, she was a friend of Mistress Lucy. Not that Rob had ever heard of Mistress Lucy. He would certainly never have got involved with Jill if he had! For, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as Rob was soon to discover. He had been kidnapped and taken to Mistress Lucy’s Estate. In accordance with his jilted sugar-mummy’s instructions, Rob was soon taken to the stables to be broken in as a pony boy.

7. Cruel Cruise

In Femdom Estate, Rebecca Blake was introduced to the world of Mistress Lucy’s Estate. Now her story continues as she takes a leisurely cruise to an entire island stocked with female overseers and male slaves. The males here serve as domestics, ponies, dogs and even as galley slaves.

8. Pony Training

Debbie Parker is still enjoying her stay with her old friend Mistress Lucy on her estate dedicated to the femdom lifestyle. Now she decides to take a greater interest in the activities of the estate, in particular the pony training. For on this estate, the ponies are not horses but men!

If this is your first exposure to Mistress Lucy’s Estate, you might like to know that two other bundles connected with the place are available: Property of Mistress Lucy bundles the first three stories (Ponies, Slave Estate, The New Girl); and Young, Beautiful, Dominant bundles the three stories featuring Mistress Emma (A Domina Returns, Celebrating Female Domination, Mistress Emma).

The latest story in the series is the twelth: Breaking Him In.

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