Morning Coffee

This is a little piece that I wrote ages ago. It was going to be the beginning of a story, but I got stuck. I posted it to literotica and chastitymansion a while back, but never posted it here. So here it is now. Enjoy!


It all started when my friend Sue invited me round for coffee. I hadn’t seen her for ages. I knew she had had love-life problems, what with her unemployed live-in boyfriend expecting her to do all the housework as well as hold down a demanding job in a City bank to support the two of them.

I got there about eleven, and was ushered in by a strangely-excited Sue. I said nothing, but wondered what was up. She took my coat, sat me down, then asked “coffee?”. “Oh, yes please,” I said. She made no move to get it, though; instead, she sat down opposite me, picked up a small handset that was lying on an occasional table next to her chair, and pressed a button on it. I heard the distant chime of bells. Sue caught my puzzlement, and winked.

“Coffee is on its way!”

“What, served by your very own butler?! Won the pools have we?”, I said laughing, not really making out what was going on. But Sue just smiled mysteriously.

Then, the door opened, and in came… well, not a butler! It was her boyfriend, Colin. Well, No particular surprise there. Except — he was stark naked! I mean, completely nude: not even his glasses. Anyway, he scurried in at the double, bowed low to Sue, then stood rigidly at attention, without saying a word to anyone. I had time for a good look at him then, and saw that he had a narrow steel tube enclosing his cock, with a great heavy-looking padlock dangling from it. All in all, a pretty bizarre site, especially if you were only expecting a quiet chat over coffee with a friend!

Summoned into the presence of his Mistress.

I saw his eyes flicker short-sightedly from me to Sue and from Sue to me. From the look on his face, it was clear he was utterly humiliated. But he said nothing. Nor did Sue. I saw she was watching me, gauging my reaction. I had met Colin a few times, hadn’t thought much of him, wondered what Sue saw in him really… but this had me gob-smacked. I just stared. Then Sue’s voice brought me out of my reverie.

“Coffee, Julie?”

“Well, er… yes, yes …”

Sue winked at me, then turned to Colin and in a very sharp tone said shortly, “you heard”. At once he bowed low again, said “Yes, Ma’am” in a trembling voice, and scurried out as quickly as he had come. I watched him go, and noticed that his bum and thighs were quite heavily marked with long, thin, red welts. She must have caned him, I realised suddenly. I had heard about that sort of thing going on, high-court judges and such paying expensive call-girls to tie them up and whip them and what have you, but I didn’t associate such goings-on with my friend Sue. Clearly there was a lot I didn’t know about that girl!

“You should see your face!” laughed Sue.

“Well…” I managed, “of all the things I might have expected to see coming through the door…”

“…my slave Colin wasn’t one!” Sue completed.


“Yes, he’s my slave,” Sue confirmed simply.

I thought there was little enough I could say in answer to that, so I asked:

“Why was he caned?”

“Oh, you noticed the welts! I didn’t think you’d know what those were! Well, he broke a cup this morning while washing up.”

“Oh” I said, dumbly. It was all I could think of to say. It seemed a bit harsh, though, for one old cup… Sue must have picked up on that, because with a very serious expression, she continued: “Believe you me, Colin gets a sound thrashing if I find so much as a speck of dust.”

“I see…”

“Look around you. Everything is spick and span, isn’t it?”

I had to admit it was.

“A damn sight more tidy than when I did the housework!”

I had to laugh at that. Sue’s domestic skills had always been a bit lackadaisical.

“Oh my God, Sue! I can’t believe this!”

“It’s no dream, my dear.”

“But how? I mean, when did this all start?”

Sue gave a little smirk.

“Things were not been going so well, as you know. Then I found his stash of femdom wank mags” — she spat the words out with venom — “which explaind his lack-lusture performance in the you-know-where department” — Sue had always been a bit coy about sex — “so I decided it would be good for him to get a taste of fantasy become reality, so to speak.”

“Well! He has certainly got that!” I agreed. “But you’ll miss being waiting on hand and foot when the weekend’s over!”

I assumed naturally that it was all role-play, fun and games for the weekend. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Sue looked at me in surprise.

“Oh, I’m not going back now, not ever. He wasn’t much cop as a boyfriend, but he makes an adequate slave. And, y’know — Who can afford to hire servants these days?”

“But aren’t you… I mean…

Sue shrugged.

“You’ve seen how it is. This is what it’s like all the time, now.”

“But,… surely he can just get up and leave?”

“Leave? And go where? He’s got no job, no money, no flat — and in fact, he hasn’t got a single stich of clothing either.”


“Yes, I dropped all his clothes off at Oxfam,” she said breezily, as though it were the most natural thing in the world. “I keep him completely naked, as you’ve seen, so he doesn’t need them.”

“But what if you want to go out?”

“Out? Like I have time to go out!” she exclaimed. “Look, I appreciate the odd night out with the girls, and I have to dine out the occasional evening for work, but normally, I spend the weekends recovering from the week, and evenings in the week I just wanna come home and be waiting on hand and foot — and now I am… so…” She shrugged, and finished “… so if I don’t go out, why should he?”

I didn’t know how to answer that!

“Well, yeah, hmmm,” I said, lamely.

Then he was back with the coffee. Sue’s eyes twinkled wickedly as he poured. She gave me a wicked grin when he had finished pouring, then looked up at him and asked curtly:

“You have knickers to wash, I think?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Off you go then, chop chop!”

I watched the wretch scurry away. I felt sorry for him. Sort of. But not much. He had made Sue’s life miserable. And now he was paying!

“Washing knickers?” I enquired of Sue.

“Oh, yes!” she breezily replied, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“But… haven’t you got a washing machine?”

Not any more. It’s all done by hand, at the kitchen sink, in cold water, with just a touch of soap-powder. It’s the best way to handle expensive lingerie.”

“He… er… helps a lot around the house now, then, does he?” I said, eyebrows raised. This had long been a standing point of contention between them, I knew. But I could guess what sort of answer was coming. And sure enough…

Sue smiled.

“You could say that! Let’s see… his day starts at six. I like him up by then, as he does have a lot to do. His first chore is scrubbing the kitchen floor. Breakfast is served at seven sharp in the morning room on weekdays; at the weekend, he brings me breakfast in bed around ten. He normally gets to bed before midnight, unless we are having some special fun together.”

“Special fun?” I queried, archly, guessing what she must mean.

Sue returned the arch look.

“He has got a good way with his tongue… and I can assure you, he’s improving all the time!”

We giggled together like naughty schoolgirls.

“Do you… you know… still sleep with him?”

Sue shook her head.

“He shares my bedroom, but not my bed. I have a large dog-basket at the foot in which he can curl up under an old blanket. It is convenient having him on call should I wake up and need something during the night.”

“So that tube thing…stays on?”

“The cock restrainer? Oh, yes. I keep him in total chastity. He’s not even allowed to play with himself. I had the thing custom-made — cost a bloody packet, but it was worth it! — so it’s a nice snug fit, and I keep him locked up in it 24/7. I only ever take it off once a week for washing purposes, which he hates of course. What is it with men and washing their bits? I don’t know. I use an old toothbrush, and have a good scrub until it’s squeaky clean.”

“Green as well, isn’t it?”

“How do you reckon that?”

Sue was one surprise after the other, that day. I’d never heard of slavery being good for the environment before!

“Well, now that I own a slave, I don’t need a dish-washer, or a washing-machine, so I got rid of them.”

“So he…”

“Yes”, said Sue triumphantly. “He does it all by hand — not just knickers.”

“It seems… well, extreme,” I said dubiously.

“Oh, I may ease up in time,” Sue said thoughtfully. “I dare say I will. Let him eat with me, for instance.”

“You don’t eat together?”

“Well, he’s serving then, isn’t he? He eats afterwards. He’s on a diet of cold porridge for now.”

I was gob-smacked.

“Well, he was putting on weight!” Sue said defensively. “Anyway, I can’t be bothered with sorting special meals for him. So, for now, I just cook up a big pot of porridge on Sunday, stick it in the fridge, and dole out a nice big bowl before I dash off to the office. anyway, he can have as much salad as he likes too, so it’s not like…”

She trailed off, seeing me looking at her; the scepticism I felt must have been plain on my face.

“Oh, look, like I said, if he’s a good boy in future, he’ll get little treats… but for now, I am still working hard on getting him used to the idea that he is my slave. And the diet thing is part of that, see?”

“I see…”

But I still felt dubious, and no doubt looked, dubious about the whole thing.

“Don’t you judge me, you!” Sue said with a laugh and poked me in the ribs.

“I’m not judging! Just… oh, whatever…”

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