Penny’s Progress

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Penny’s Progress: Sub to Some, Domme to Others.

This hard femdom story is the 13th episode in the Mistress Lucy’s Estate series. Six months have passed since the new slave girl Penny was given as a present by Mistress Lucy to Mistress Debbie Parker. (see The New Girl). Mistress Parker has given Penny full authority over Tom, her male slave — although both must be utterly submissive to her! It amuses the Mistress tosee this lovely young woman exerting her authority over the older man. Sheknows this young vixen will take all her frustration at being an olderwoman’s slave out on the hapless male. Tom is the lowest of the low! Butworse for Tom is to come — when he is loaned out to Miss Roxanne, the bigblack overseer who has taken a shine to him!

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