A Caning for the Coach

Cover of A Caning for the Coach

A Caning for the Coach: Caught and Punished

Soccer coach Ron Pelosi cannot resist taking advantage of his position as
Broughton Heights High School’s girls’ soccer coach to coach his favourite girl
in more than just ball games… But he is caught `at it’ by Miss Angela
Callaghan, who has long harboured a dislike for him. He has no choice but to
submit to her blackmailing demands, and strip for corporal punishment! First
the leather strap, then the bamboo cane are applied mercilessly to his naked
flesh. His treatment at the hands of this strict Miss leaves him howling in
pain and begging for mercy — mercy which will *not* be given! This story is
hard female domination at its best from start to finish!

NB: This is “In Flagrate Delicto” with a few typos fixed and a new cover.
So if you have that, you won’t want this. If not, why not give it a go? It
is very much along the lines of “Naked Captive”, so if you liked that, you
will like this.

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